The Route 2005-2006

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    6 months on the Road

Our travel route is staked out to run through the Canadian Provinces of Alberta and British Columbia.

When reaching the west Coast we will pass into Washington State, then follow the Pacific Coast to Los Angeles. From there we will be heading east into the Arizona Desert. Christmas will eventually come along in the neighborhood of cacti and desert sand. After Christmas our route will lead us further east along the Mexican border.  We will pass El Paso, TX and bend of to the south, reaching San Antonio. Being so far south we will travel on to the City of Corpus Christi, TX at the Gulf of Mexico.



Cold Lake Seattle to Corpus Christi

Come the end of march, we must turn around. Like the birds we will follow the signs of spring and wander north, this time following a continental route through Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, South- and North Dakota. Finally, after about 12.000 kms we will again stand at the shore of "our" lake, and our memories of a life-time travel will stream upon us making  us feel richer than ever before. 

Our experiences will be written as diary supplied with photographs. If you have a dream of travelling for a longer period of time you may benefit of our own experiences.

Time will tell.


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